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Online courses at MRU taught by industry experts

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The eight relevant and up-to-date courses in Mount Royal's new Digital Media Marketing Certificate are offered online.

Although organizations have accelerated the shift to digital marketing due to the pandemic, making sure that move is grounded in data and best practices isn’t always happening at the same speed.

That’s where the new Digital Media Marketing Certificate at Mount Royal University comes in. Offered by the Faculty of Continuing Education, the certificate provides an opportunity to meet the demands of today head on with proven tactics, skills and strategies.

“Digital marketing has become increasingly important, but in 2020, it became a critical necessity for businesses of every industry and size,” says social media expert and instructor Karen Richards. “As many organizations were forced to pivot due to the pandemic, online platforms became the fastest and most direct method of reaching audiences in real time with important updates and new ways to purchase products so business could continue. It’s also key to engaging audiences as a community in the growth and evolution of an organization’s brand.”

The certificate’s eight relevant and up-to-date courses are offered online. Some have been substantially revised with input from advisory members, including Richards, who teaches Advertising on Social Media. Expert instructors bring the updated subject matter to life with their valuable industry experience. Students can complete the entire certificate, or take specific courses to fill a skills gap, as there are no prerequisites.

In a recent Forbes article, chief marketing officers from companies such as UPS and Hallmark shared how analytics will power “the next normal.” One thing they agreed on: recognizing “the strategic importance of analytics that maybe wasn't quite there pre-COVID.” Being able to measure the performance of digital marketing and communications efforts by identifying and monitoring important metrics and key performance indicators is a key skill developed through the certificate and is the focus of the Digital Marketing Measurement course.

“Awareness, reach, engagement, conversion — these are all things that can and should be measured in your digital marketing campaigns. Sharing the ROI of your efforts demonstrates the value these skills and specialized knowledge can bring to your business,” says Dimitra Fotopolous, director, Professional and Continuing Education at Mount Royal University. “With the rapid changes to business due to the pandemic, innovation isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.”

Courses, which begin in February, cover topics such as brand strategy, content marketing and influencer marketing. The certificate is packed with valuable, in-demand knowledge and skills that can be put to work right away.

“Courses are focused on practical tools, activities and real-world examples and case studies that provide hands-on learning. For example, students analyze actual digital and social media ads in their assignments and create content marketing plans, including templates and calendars,” Fotopolous says.

“Our affordable and accessible program provides focused learning in a time-sensitive manner so you can build the skills and gain the knowledge to effectively meet the needs of your organization.”

The program also covers more general communications principles and practices — including how to manage crises. Students can complete the eight courses in as little as two semesters, though they have up to three years. (Seven of the courses are four weeks long.) Coming together with other learners — whether online or when face-to-face classes resume — provides an opportunity to collaborate with peers and network with other working professionals while learning how to navigate a shifting landscape.

Learn more about the Digital Media Marketing Certificate.

Jan. 21, 2021 — Ruth Myles

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