Matthew Fudge

Bachelor of Computer Information Systems

In anticipation of MRU's first ever Giving Day on Nov. 30, we are celebrating the deep, long-lasting impact of Mount Royal's generous donor community.


Matthew Fudge has received the following awards while a student at Mount Royal and provides his testimonial as to their positive effect on his education.


Matthew Fudge sitting outside the Riddell Library and Learning Centre.


How did these awards assist in your academic and personal success?

Around the time I got these awards, both of which were in recognition of academic achievements made during my second year, tuition was starting to increase at post-secondary institutions in Alberta. Being told that I had been selected for scholarships was a big relief since it was going to help cover a considerable increase in costs for the upcoming semesters. Incidentally, that's what I've put the money towards — paying for tuition so that I could continue my program without having to stress as much about the cost.

There was another great side effect of receiving these awards, though; they helped motivate me to continue studying hard and maintain those academic achievements. I've always strived to do well in school, and being able to receive support for those accomplishments has left me with a great sense of fulfillment and gratitude. Because of that, I do think that these awards ultimately made me a better student. Even now, I continue to remember and appreciate that generosity as I progress through university.

How important is giving to you?

To me, the importance of giving lies in the power it has to foster a community and push people to be the best that they can be. There are some fantastic people at Mount Royal — I've met many amazing, intelligent students with their own unique goals and ambitions and I believe giving can really help that community thrive. Giving encourages students to aim higher knowing that there are generous people supporting us throughout our studies. It promotes a more confident and idealistic mindset among people, and speaking from personal experience, it serves as a great source of inspiration to continue improving at the skills you're learning. In that sense, giving has benefits that extend beyond just monetary assistance — it's a way to invest in people so that they can grow into bright, talented and happy individuals.