Student’s short film delves into Indigenous heritage

Dad, by Faith Thompson, shown this summer at film festival in Ottawa

Research the foundation of MRU’s Journey to Indigenization

Guiding campus change and supporting communities

Journey to Indigenization: Human spiderweb spreads interconnectedness

Physical representation of Ani to pisi (spiderweb) set to come alive at MRU

Creating meaningful relationships

Indigenous Mentorship program launches at MRU

MRU study lowers temperature on mask politics

Team finds impacts of medical barriers limited and temporary

Celebrating our success, celebrating you

Mount Royal revitalizes its rewards and recognition program

Federal funding boosts 4,700 cutting-edge researchers across Canada

MRU receives grant for Community Science Liaison Program

Beakerhead's Alien Talk Show draws on MRU expertise

Neuroscientist speculates on extraterrestrial beings and how they might look

A buzz on campus

Multiple bee initiatives underway at MRU

Building a foundation for early literacy

How reading skills affect individual and community alike

On-the-job experience confirms journalism students' love for the profession

Kelsea Arnett and Lily Dupuis covered Alberta’s provincial election in May 2023

Bringing positive change a passion for Dr. Jacqueline Musabende

Mount Royal business faculty member receives Black Achievement Award

Four-year data science degree at Mount Royal University first in Alberta

Approved program to meet increasing demand for graduates

How the Elbow River Camp came to be

Respected Tsuut’ina Elder reflects on impact of the Stampede on Indigenous communities

Discovering the global context of the 'cowboy'

The history of ropers and riders is much more diverse that we think

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