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Join a Club or Committee

Existing sustainability clubs & committees:

Looking to start a new club or join one? Click here for a list of all SAMRU clubs.

Live Sustainably

Do the right thing at home and on campus by following these steps to reduce your carbon footprint:

  • Divert your waste into the correct bins. What goes where?
  • Choose alternative transportation for your commute
  • Conserve energy by shutting down your computer at the end of the day, turning off lights when they aren't needed, and closing the blinds on hot, sunny days.

Learn more about Mount Royal's Do The Right Thing campaign.

Host a Green Event

The Green Event initiative recognizes members and groups who are prioritizing sustainability on campus through event planning. Examples of checklist items:

  • Bottled water is not provided at the event.
  • Giveaway items have a clear purpose or support sustainable behaviour.

Make your next event a green event by clicking here!

Become a Green Office Champion

The Green Office Certification recognizes departments who are prioritizing sustainability on campus through daily tasks, attitudes, and behaviors in the office.

Click here to download the checklist for your office. Once complete, email your submission to and we will recognize your office on our webpage and give you a certificate to hang in your office. Let's continue to strive for 3 leaves for all offices across campus!

Conduct Research

The Institute for Environmental Sustainability supports initiatives across all faculties at Mount Royal by funding projects and posting Research Grant Competitions each year. Learn more.

Additional research project resources here!

Search the MRU Library database for sustainability resources or speak to a subject guide. Start here.

Become an MRU Changemaker

Changemakers are students, faculty, staff, administration, and alumni from any background, from any discipline, and from any political leaning who are working to address local and global challenges.

Learn more about the Trico Changemakers Studio.



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