Policies and Procedures

Welcome to Mount Royal University’s Policy and Procedures website. This central repository constitutes the official version of all University wide management and academic policies that have been approved by the Board of Governors or General Faculties Council, respectively.

These policies and their related procedures have been created to advance the University’s mission, core values, pillars and strategic directions, promote operational efficiency and effectiveness, mitigate or manage institutional risk, comply with University legal, regulatory and other requirements, set behavioral expectations across the University community, have broad application and impact throughout the University, and communicate roles and responsibilities. As such, members of the University community have an obligation to comply with University policy.

The University Secretariat is responsible for the oversight and administration of the University's Policy Framework. This framework provides the University with the information required to develop a new policy through its concept approval to its final approval, or a revision to an existing policy.

The University also has other departmental policies, standard operations procedures and guidelines that relate to your specific area; and collective agreements and terms and conditions for employment that set out further behavioral expectations and the duties of both employee and employer.