1. At any time, a policy may request be rescinded.
  2. A policy may be rescinded if:
    • it is no longer in alignment with the University’s strategic direction;
    • it is no longer in compliance with legislation and presents a substantial risk; and/or
    • it is being consolidated into, or replaced by, a new policy.
  3. The Policy Sponsor, or their delegate, consults with the University Secretariat and provides a rationale for the request to rescind the policy. The Proposal for a New or Revised Policy template is used for the request to rescind a policy.
    • When drafting the rationale statement, the Policy Sponsor, or their delegate, engages with relevant stakeholders to ensure the rescindment of the policy will not cause disruption to University operations.
  4. The University Secretariat reviews the proposal, in consultation with the Policy Sponsor, and provides advice relating to broader policy implications, if any, prior to the proposal being moved to DC.
  5. DC reviews the proposal and, if it is deemed to be the appropriate course of action, shall, in the case of the Approval Authority being the Board, recommend to the Board, through an appropriate Committee of the Board, that the policy be rescinded, or, if the Approval Authority for the policy is GFC, shall recommend to GFC, through an appropriate Committee of GFC, that the policy be rescinded.
  6. Policies that have been recommended by DC for deletion will be placed in the Policy Activity Updates section of the policy website for a minimum period of 30 days in advance of it moving forward to it appropriate Approval Authority for formal rescindment. 
  7. The Office of General Counsel and University Secretariat is responsible for providing information and communicating to the University community that a policy has been rescinded.