Cybersecurity Hub

We are looking for Cybersecurity Champions

Do you make staying cyber safe a priority? Are you concerned about the cybersecurity of your family, friends and colleagues? Do you have one to two hours a month to spend championing cybersecurity with your team? Do you have ideas on how to improve cybersecurity that you want to share? Join the Cybersecurity Champion program! 

Who are the Cybersecurity Champions?

  • We bravely communicate honestly and clearly
  • We use practical skills to solve problems
  • We take pride and find joy in helping others
  • We value a strong sense of belonging/community
  • We gather information rather than make assumptions
  • We work to remove barriers

Our Mission

  • To deliver accurate and up to date information about cybersafety in a cooperative, kind and respectful environment that empowers people to easily contribute to their own safety with minimal hindrance and oversight.

What we do

  • Model good cybersafe behavior.
  • Complete cybersecurity awareness training.
  • Subscribe to the Cybersecurity Newsletter.
  • Encourage colleagues to complete cybersecurity awareness training.
  • Encourage colleagues to subscribe to the Cybersecurity Newsletter.
  • Meet with the IT Security Training Analyst quarterly.
  • Keep our team informed of the latest cybersecurity threats.
  • Inform the IT Security Training Analyst of cybersafety concerns
  • Support the IT Security Training Analyst and the other Champions with cybersecurity events throughout the year.

How do you become a Cybersecurity Champion?

  1. Talk to your supervisor and get their permission.
  2. Complete the Cybersecurity Champion application.


Want to know more?

Contact the IT Security Training Analyst at to find out more about the Cybersecurity Champion program or to apply to be a Champion.