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Cybersecurity Challenge 2021/2022

Welcome to this year's Cybersecurity Challenge!! This year's challenge will start October 1, 2021and run until March 30 2022. Participate in cybersecurity activities and receive contest codes. Each code gives you one chance to win a $250 gift certificate from Best Buy donated by WBM. The more you participate, the greater your chance of winning.

Departments and sub departments have been grouped into teams. This year some of the sub departments have been moved around to ensure the teams are equal, please check the Cybersecurity Challenge Team List to find out which team you are on. 

The Team with the greatest participation in the Challenge will win the super awesome Golden Superhero Award and a year's worth of bragging rights. Every time you enter a contest code, your team gets closer to winning. While we encourage competition, codes must be earned by participating in activities and cannot be shared. If it is determined that you have entered a code for an activity that you did not participate in, your entries will be marked invalid.  Keep your eye on the Leaderboard to find out which team is the one to beat.

The last three years Facilities Management have taken the trophy, let's see who unseats them this year! 

Please note: Although we encourage students to participate in activities, only staff and faculty can participate in the Cybersecurity Challenge.







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Where to find codes


Cybersecurity newsletter Every newsletter contains a code. Subscribe to make sure you get yours.
Cybercrime Series Come hear cyberhorror stories and learn how to protect yourself. There is a new code for each talk.
Virtual Treasure Hunt Solve the puzzles, find the clues and earn codes. 
Cybersecurity awareness training You get the same code whether you attend a workshop or take the online training.
Show off your sticker Send me a photo of your proudly displayed cybersecurity sticker and receive a code in return. 
Cybersecurity Roadshow Come down to Main Street and talk to a real live cybersecurity expert. Earn prizes and a code while you are there. There is a new code every month.
Cybercafe Join us for the virtual version of the Cybersecurity Roadshow. Join in the conversation and earn the same codes found at the Roadshow.
The Cyber Guys videos Every month there is a new fun video. Get a giggle and earn codes at the same time.