Internship — Policy Studies

Policy Studies students can work in diverse positions involving education, business, government, healthcare, oil and gas, research institutes, policy consultants and lobby groups. Opportunities may include: research, data analysis, policy formation, foreign policies, themes and trends in economic and political issues, technical writing, statistical compilation and interpretation with instruments and techniques of policy implementation. It is advised that students explore volunteer and/or summer employment opportunities before taking the internship course, as some positions require additional experience and/or qualifications.

Course Eligibility: Successful completion of semester 1–5 coursework (or with department approval), and all Professional Development (POST 0101) requirements. POST 0101 (PD) is offered in the Fall semester. The majority of students search for their internship throughout the winter semester and take part in the internship (POST 3030) in the summer (May–August).
As a Policy Studies student, you could be offered an internship position in Calgary, throughout Alberta and across Canada. It is expected that students will be prepared to relocate outside of Calgary for internship opportunities. To date, students have had Policy Studies internship opportunities in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and the United States.

Option 1: Postings on the Online Job Board

A major component of the work experience coordinator role is to establish and maintain employer contacts for the purpose of promoting the degree and facilitating learning environments for Policy Studies students. Opportunities are posted by the work experience coordinator on an online job board that is accessible only to eligible Policy Studies students. The number of postings is dependent upon industry participation and labour market conditions. Once students submit their application packages, employers review, shortlist, interview and extend offers to candidates.

Option 2: Student Identified Opportunities

Students also have the option of seeking out a specific opportunity that meets the individual's areas of interest and career goals. The first step is to arrange an appointment with the work experience coordinator to discuss this option. If the employer contact and job description are approved, Career Services will continue with the necessary validation points for all internships including agreements pertaining to safety, verification, feedback, site surveys and employer evaluations. This could apply to work where students remain in a related position that they currently have, pending faculty approval.

Option 3: International Opportunities

Students interested in working abroad should book an appointment with the work experience coordinator at least eight months in advance of the Internship. The Mount Royal University International Education has strict deadlines for international arrangements for internships such as Work Visa Permits and other regulatory travel preparations.

The POST 0101 Professional Development classes teach you about resumes, cover letters, interviewing, networking and professional workplace expectations throughout weekly sessions held in the Fall semester. Additionally, the Policy Studies faculty collaborate with your work experience coordinator for development opportunities. A Gearing Up Session will summarize the internship requirements prior to placement with an employer. Active participation in the process is critical to student success.
Current salary rates, which are determined by employers, commonly range from $12 to $16 per hour. It is important to budget for expenses incurred prior to receipt of your payment. If additional financial resources are needed, you may be eligible to apply for a student loan to supplement your income. For more information, visit the Financial Aid office.

Each student is assigned a faculty instructor who will provide you with a course outline and inform you of course assignments that need to be fulfilled during the internship. The work experience coordinator will also be available to assist with any needs pertaining to your workplace environment.

By starting to plan now, you can be financially prepared for the Internship. Expenses include:

  • Course fees (15 credits): See the Mount Royal University Calendar
  • Relocation expenses incurred by the student when completing an internship outside of Calgary. Planning for travel expenses to and from the workplace location and/or paying rent and food to live for four months should be budgeted for.
  • Many internships require the use of a vehicle.

Contact Us

For more information on the Policy Studies internship, contact:

Valbona Pennoyer
Work Experience Coordinator — Policy Studies
Career Services
Phone: 403.440.8973

Lori Williams
Student Advisor — Policy Studies
Office: EA 3007
Phone: 403.440.5964