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Bachelor of Arts (BA)

4 years

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Program highlights

Honours stream

Honours stream — an opportunity for you to select a topic, engage in systematic study under the supervision of a faculty supervisor and produce a scholarly finished project

Hands-on experience ― laboratory and field work encourages hands-on and practical learning

Research opportunities — get engaged in innovative research projects

Focus on instruction — interact in small classes and labs with instructors who are passionate about their disciplines

Optimize your courses — make the best course choices that will help you build the degree that fits your goals


Investigate what it means to be human from past to present and into the future. Explore many aspects of human experience by examining culture, social organization, and archaeological and skeletal remains. Innovative researchers undertake fieldwork to understand topics such as social organization and change, inequality, health and disease, migration, and human variation and evolution.

Career possibilities

  • Community development worker
  • Public health program officer
  • Cultural resource management technician
  • Museum/gallery curator
  • Social policy analyst
  • Forensic analyst
  • Equity and diversity analyst
  • International aid and development worker

Admission requirements and costs

Curriculum and courses


Information about program offerings, admission requirements and the application process can be answered by an admissions and recruitment specialist.

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Anthropology and Indigenous studies liaison librarian Jessie Loyer poses with a digitization kit.

Indigitization project

Recordings help preserve Indigenous knowledge and culture

Paula Larsson with a mountain vista behind her

Dual major Paula Larsson goes grad

How MRU laid the groundwork for her studies

Anthropology professor Samanti Kulatilake analyzing a bone sample

A bone-crushing experience

DNA analysis training benefits students, faculty and MRU

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Mount Royal offers three bachelor's degrees out of the Faculty of Arts: The Bachelor of Interior Design, Bachelor of Arts — Criminal Justice and the Bachelor of Arts with majors in Anthropology, English, History, Policy Studies, Psychology and Sociology.

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