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What We Do


The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship's mission is to support the development of the high-impact talent that is essential to the continued economic prosperity of Alberta. This is accomplished by delivering transformative community-engaged learning experiences.


High-Impact Talent is not defined by a simple check-list of skills. Rather, high-impact talent is driven by the unique labor market dynamics of a region, sector or organization, and is anchored in an individual’s capacity to effectively adapt and thrive in perpetually turbulent market conditions. These dynamic capabilities enable high-impact talent to identify emerging opportunities and reconfigure or acquire new skills to thrive. People with dynamic capabilities are future-ready. They lead trends, they don’t follow. While the entire education system must ensure that we are developing future-ready students, universities have a unique role in supporting a graduate’s professional transition.


The Institute believes that work integrated-learning (WIL) is a critical pathway to developing dynamic capabilities of high-impact talent. Impactful WIL, blends program learning with applied community-engaged learning experiences. Examples of WIL initiatives include co-operative education, work-terms, community-engaged scholarship, entrepreneurship, live-client case studies, community service learning and field schools.


The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship takes an innovative approach, delivering a number of transformational opportunities that will ensure career and personal success. These transformational learning experiences are interwoven into every one of the Institute's programs. We are proud to support our innovative faculty embed impactful transformational experiences both in and outside of the classroom.


Capstone Experiences

 Capstone experiences are designed to allow practical application of the knowledge students have gained throughout their undergraduate degree. We support faculty by partnering with community members to provide students with work-integrated learning opportunities.


Undergraduate Research

 A student’s academic experience is enriched by participating in a faculty-directed research project. We establish community partnerships that provide opportunities for both faculty and students to perform community-engaged scholarships that empower shared intellectually-engaged learning opportunities.


Co-curricular Projects

Students who embark on the complex, uncertain process of starting their own venture or advancing an innovation, will engage in a very unique work-integrated learning experience. By providing funding, mentorship, and knowledge, we remove roadblocks on their journey to ensure they maximize the learning outcomes. Many of the capabilities gained by making progress on an innovation or starting a venture are transferable, whether a graduate starts or joins an organization.


Community Engagement

Community partnerships with companies, non-profits, and governments provide students and faculty with unique opportunities and access to potential employers and research partners. We establish ongoing relationships with leaders of organizations to advance university/community collaborations and remove barriers to learning and scholarship.



MRU students highly value access to faculty and staff as part of their educational experience as well as contributing to their sense of belonging. We take a personalized approach to mentoring to ensure students have access to thoughtful and knowledgeable staff and alumni. Mentorship is often cited by students as the most valuable experience delivered by the Institute.