Bridge to Canadian Nursing

Bridge to Canadian Nursing


Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN's) who wish to bring their world of knowledge to the workforce in Canada can make the transition smoothly with Mount Royal University's Bridge to Canadian Nursing — BCN Program. The Bridge to Canadian Nursing Program provides the support and resources for you to:

  • Enhance your professional nursing communication.
  • Build your nursing knowledge and nursing practice skills in Canadian health care settings.
  • Strengthen your clinical and ethical reasoning

Why Bridge to Canadian Nursing at Mount Royal University

The faculty and staff of the Bridge to Canadian Nursing Program at Mount Royal University provide a supportive educational environment that builds your confidence and competence as you transition into the Canadian Health Care system. As an Internationally Educated Nurse, you come into the professional nursing context in Canada with your own unique professional attributes, skills, and knowledge. The Bridge to Canadian Nursing Program provides opportunities to learn about nursing in Canada and acquire the nursing knowledge necessary to meet the entry to practice competencies in Alberta and Canada.

The Bridge to Canadian Nursing Program courses are developed to meet the requirements of the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA). Internationally educated nurses have the opportunity to learn what is necessary to successfully write and pass the national licensure examination and provide safe, competent and ethical practice in Alberta, Canada.

In addition to nursing theory courses, the Bridge to Canadian Nursing Program offers a supervised, 192 hour hospital experience for internationally educated nurses who are required to have nursing practice experience in a Canadian Health Care system.

The Bridge to Canadian Nursing Program has adopted the Pan-Canadian Framework of Guiding Principles and Essential Components for IEN Bridging Programs as one of the key documents guiding program evaluation.

Developed specifically for you

If you are a registered nurse educated in a country other than Canada and want to become registered in Canada, this program is specifically developed for you.

The Bridge to Canadian Nursing Program will help you "bridge" the differences between your previous nursing experience and practice in Canada in areas such as:

  • Professional communication skills for nurses
  • Professional nursing in Canada
  • Health alterations and therapeutics
  • Health assessment for nurses
  • Professional nursing skills
  • Professional nursing skills in child health, mental health and family/newborn health
  • Nursing clinical practice in a medical/surgical environment

The Bridge to Canadian Nursing Program is designed so that you can take individual courses or the entire program.