Department of Biology

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Department of Biology

Biology, the study of life, contributes broadly to human welfare in areas such as medicine, biotechnology, agriculture, the environment, and the food industry.

The biologists in the Department of Biology work together to integrate their individual disciplines into a unified course of study that is focused on meeting students' needs and exposing students to the various aspects of fields of biology.
Starting in Fall 2020, we will be offering a Bachelor of Science in Biology. This major provides students with a solid foundation in the study of living organisms. Students will be able to explore different areas of biology and they will have the flexibility to take a number of courses across various areas of biology, including genetics, cell biology, microbiology, molecular biology, ecology, evolution, anatomy, and physiology. Students have the ability to specialize by completing courses leading to concentrations in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, or Ecology and Evolution, or to create their own pathway based on their particular interests and career aspirations. 
Students completing the Bachelor of Science – Biology will be able to apply for designation as a Professional Biologist. The curriculum of this program meets the requirements of this designation, which is required for employment as a Biologist in both British Columbia and Alberta.
As of Fall 2020 semester, we will no longer be offering admission into the Cellular and Molecular Biology and Health Science majors. We will continue to offer these majors for current students enrolled in these programs. 
The Department of Biology also offers courses that can be used towards a major in General Science, a biology minor, or as your General Education requirements. We also offer courses for students enrolled in nursing, physical education and midwifery. For a full list of courses please see the Academic Calendar.


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Biology in the Community

The 2022 Distinguished Faculty Awards (DFA) winners were announced during the year's Celebrate Teaching and Learning event, recognizing faculty members for their contributions to the University comunity.

The annual DFA's celebrate outstanding work in teaching, research and service.  Peers submit a dossier of information nominating a colleague, and nominees have to submit a comprehensive package of supporting information.  A selection committee comprising past recipients reviews each submission and selects the winners.