Margaret Stewart, Ph.D

Position: Assistant Professor
Office: B248F
Office Hours: N/A
Phone: 403-440-6045
BSc Carleton University (Geology Major, Mathematics Minor);
Ph.D. Laurentian University (Mineral Deposits and Precambrian Geology)
GEOL 2105 (Structural Geology), GEOL 3103 (Igneous Petrology), GEOL 4300 (Advanced Geological Field Methods), GEOL 4601 (Plate Tectonic Regimes), ENVS 4421 (Environmental Resource Management), SCIE 5010 (General Science Senior Student Seminar)
Main areas of scholarly interest and/or expertise:
My research is focused on the relationship between plate tectonics, crustal-scale structures, and magmatic-hydrothermal mineralizing systems in modern and ancient arc-backarc settings. I currently have research projects focused on the Lau Basin of the SW Pacific Ocean and the Stikine Terrane of NW British Columbia.