Our Services

Our services

Our security representatives have a number of roles, including:

  • Providing SAFEWALK service to parking lots, student residences and bus stops
  • Providing information relating to the location of events taking place on campus and the location of classrooms and facilities
  • Responding to accidents
  • Administering emergency first aid
  • Respond to various reported incidents on campus
  • Work with community partners at information booths across campus
  • Patrolling Mount Royal grounds and buildings on foot, on bicycles and in vehicles
  • Responding to alarms
  • Engage students through various activities throughout the school year
  • Monitor CCTV systems
  • Responding to reports of unusual activity
  • Meet with Mount Royal University departments to provide information and address concerns
  • Assess reports of infrastructure issues

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For the distribution of Mount Royal keys and encoding of OneCards, please contact us: