Insurance Services

Insurance Services


Mount Royal University carries several All-Risk insurance policies covering all University owned property.

Details of Coverage

  • All University owned buildings, furniture, fixtures, and equipment, including computer hardware and software.
  • All risks physical loss or damage including damage resulting from fire, vandalism, theft, natural events such as floods, earthquakes, and storms.
  • Business Interruption coverage as well as Extra Expenses as it relates to continuity of operations.
  • Property in Transit
  • Fine Arts coverage
  • Accounts Receivable and Valuable Papers
  • Boiler & Machinery coverage including business interruption and contingent business interruption, extra expense, and consequential damage.


Mount Royal University's all-risk property policy is subject to a $25,000 all loss deductible, and a minimum 3%/$250,000 earthquake deductible. $5,000 deductible applies to Boiler & Machinery coverage with a 24 hour waiting period for Business Interruption, minimum 10%/$1,000 for Consequential damage, and $25,000 with respect to Gas Turbines.

Coverage is provided for Board of Governors of Mount Royal University, Mount Royal University, Mount Royal University Day Care Society, Mount Royal University Foundation and all other entities over which the institution has active management and/or financial control.

Who is not covered?

Personal property of staff, students, volunteers, etc. is not covered.
Any third party property is not covered.

Under no circumstance should Mount Royal employees/staff admit responsibility for damage or loss in any incident. Responsibility will be determined later by the adjusters and insurance companies.

Any damaged, lost or stolen Mount Royal University property should immediately be reported to Security Services.

Mount Royal University carries several Liability insurance policies including, but not limited to:

Commercial General Liability
Bodily Injury and Personal Injury
Property Damage
Products and Completed Operations
Employers Liability
Errors & Omissions
Wrongful Dismissal
Limited Pollution
Non-Owned Automobile Liability
Educational Institution Liability
Media Liability
Aircraft Liability
Directors & Officers Liability
Foreign Liability
Umbrella Liability
These policies cover students, employees, and volunteers while performing activities that are part of their course curriculum, University sanctioned events and activities, or part of their employment duties. This coverage is worldwide and protects the Mount Royal University's legal liability arising.


Each policy in place has varying deductibles.

Outside Parties : Any outside parties wishing to use Mount Royal University facilities must provide a valid certificate of liability insurance in an amount no less then $2,000,000. If the organization does not carry liability coverage, a certificate must be purchased through the MRU user group program.

Mount Royal University fully insures all University Owned Vehicles including third party liability, accident benefits, comprehensive and collision coverage within Canada and the United States.

Who is Insured?

Coverage only applies to University owned automobiles and trailers that are being used for University sanctioned activities and business. Drivers must be employees of Mount Royal University.

Mount Royal University leases aircraft for its Aviation Program. As part of the lease agreement, we are required to carry Aircraft Hull & Liability. MRU has all risks coverage, subject to a $1000 deductible, on aircraft physical damage. The liability section covers bodily injury and property damage to third parties including bodily injury to passengers.

Mount Royal University also carries General Liability coverage for an owned hangar at the Springbank airport: This policy, subject to $1000 deductible, covers Premises, Products and Hangarkeepers liability exposures.

F/T & P/T Students: Alberta WCB (Workers Compensation Board) covers students who are registered and physically attending campus for personal injuries sustained. Coverage applies only while you are in the course of your duties as a student. There is no coverage for commuting to & from school, non-school related activities, etc.
Coverage can be worldwide subject to conditions.

Employees: Alberta WCB covers staff, faculty, and board members who sustain personal injuries while in the course of their employment.

F/T Students: Student Accident Insurance covers f/t students 24 hrs a day.
P/T Students: Student Accident Insurance covers p/t students while in class or participating in a University sanctioned activity.

Employees: The University also has group health benefit plans in place through the department of Human Resources.
Coverage can be worldwide subject to conditions.

*Volunteers: no coverage through MRU or our WCB account