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The Institute for Community Prosperity provides learning to transform communities empowering students, citizens, and organizations to drive impactful change. Through systems-focused research and sense-making partnering with students and the community, we equip changemakers with the confidence and skills to lead.

Our commitment extends beyond campus borders. By championing social innovation and aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we connect students, faculty, staff, and communities in a shared pursuit of social impact.

Founded in 2015, our institute builds on a legacy of empowering social progress. We embrace the complexity of modern challenges, advocating systems-thinking, sense-making, social innovation, transdisciplinarity, and collaboration between sectors. Our focus reaches beyond the nonprofit realm to encompass all facets of community well-being.

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Our Programs 

Map the System

Map the System

Students from across academic disciplines can delve into the root causes of social issues using system-thinking in Map the System and showcase research on a national and global stage.

Map the System

Catamount Fellowship

Catamount Fellowship

Students from across academic disciplines can address a complex social and/or environmental issue affecting Calgarians and explore a theory of change, partnering with faculty and community mentors in Catamount Fellowship.

Catamount Fellowship

Community Learning Opportunities

Community Programs

Designed to support community's roles in social impact as a changemaker, educator, activist, community builder, etc., we provide opportunities to collaborate on system-led research projects with students and faculty, learn social innovation practices, and more.

Community Programs

Other Student Opportunities

Other Student Opportunities

Other affiliated opportunities are for students on- and off-campus e.g. Student Changemaker Network, changemaker space, and social impact tech learning. These avenues empower students to broaden their horizons and make a meaningful impact within and beyond academia.

Other Student Opportunites

Our Research and Insights


With research initiatives, we delve into contemporary social issues impacting community prosperity. Our commitment is to provide valuable insights to changemakers and community practitioners, empowering professionals in the realm of social impact.  

Recent Research Projects
› Accessibility Issues & Innovation in Canada
› Annual Environmental Scans 
› Nonprofit Mergers and Dissolutions


Previous Research
› Issues with Aging
› Food Security

Current Research Insights

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